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Goliath Games bundle

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Kids will love grossing out and giggling at the brand new action games from Goliath Games! With a mix of brand new games and refreshed favourites, they all have one thing in common – FUN! We have a fantastically fun bundle of games to give away to six lucky winners!

Skid Markz puts players’ drawing skills to the test in this fast moving pooping game – what can you design with the canine’s behind?!  This sneaky dog is a true pup-casso of poop! Players must take it in turns to pick a word card and draw what they see on the card by moving the embarrassed dog around the board to assemble their 'master-pooce'.  If the other players can guess the creation from your Skid Markz, you win!

The brand new Doggie Doo Corgi sees players feed and walk the cute little corgi, but if he makes a mess, you clean it up!  Players take it in turns to feed the hungry doggy and spin the wheel to see how many times they must squeeze his leash to make him walk…Every time you squeeze it, he makes a gassy sound that gets louder and louder until…doggie does what doggies do . . . !  The first player to clean up after the corgi three times wins!

Get ready to 'pick' a winner when you go head to head with Gooey Louie! Players take turns sticking their finger up Louie's big, hairy nose to see what they can find!  Pull out one of Louie's many stretchy gooeys; it could be short or it could be long! If you’re lucky, all will be well, but pull the wrong gooey and you’d better take cover, as Louie's eyes will bulge and his brain will explode - meaning it’s game over!

Pop the Pig is the greediest game you'll ever play! Feed the pig and avoid the pop in this belly busting game – complete with an even bigger belly than before! Players take it in turns to feed the pig burgers. Each time the pig eats one, players must press down on his head which inflates his tummy.  Watch his stomach get bigger and bigger, but watch out…he might go pop!

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This competition ends on 22/11/2021.

The prize: Goliath Games bundle

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Win Kids Action Games

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