Win Smart Cara – a revolution in food recycling

Win Smart Cara – a revolution in food recycling

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Smart Cara is a stylish counter-top appliance that transforms even the smelliest banana skins, coffee grounds and fish heads into a neat, odourless powder at the touch of a button. By removing all moisture and pulverising food waste, Smart Cara reduces leftovers to just 10% of their original volume and decreases annual carbon emissions by 425kg per household – equivalent to the effect of planting three trees.

Smart Cara provides a sealed container to store up to 1kg of food waste, with internally fitted eco-filters to eliminate any odours, until you are ready to recycle it.

Great for gardens and log fires
At the touch of a button, Smart Cara transforms unwanted scraps into an odourless powder. This powder can be used as a soil-enhancer, or as a solid fuel.

Cheap to run, easy to clean
The Smart Cara unit isn’t noisy or expensive to run and needs no installation – simply plug in and fill up. What’s more, its self-cleaning.

Key Features:

• No more rotting food waste odours
• Recycles food waste into garden nutrients or fuel
• Kills germs effectively
• Reduce landfill and your carbon footprint

Smart Cara is available from, priced £399.00

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Smart Cara and year’s supply of replacement filters x1


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Using Smart Cara reduces annual household carbon emissions equivalent to the effect of planting:


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