Win a fantastic pair of adjustable reading glasses from Eyejusters

Win a fantastic pair of adjustable reading glasses from Eyejusters

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Don't have a pile of glasses for everything you do! You've got a pair of glasses for the computer. A pair of glasses for reading in bed. A pair of glasses for doing your hobbies. And a pair for when you need to do DIY.... Or you could just have one pair of glasses for everything. With Eyejusters you just turn the hidden dials to focus on what you're doing. It's so easy, it becomes second nature.Adjust them instantly for reading, tablet, smartphone, hobbies, cooking or anything else you do. Pick from a choice of 17 different models to suit all styles, either £69 or £79. Available from

As your eyes age, they lose the ability to easily change focus between distant and near objects. Eyejusters bring that ability back. With the turn of two revolutionary eyeDials™ hidden behind the frame (one for each lens), you can choose your focus. It's a bit like focusing binoculars.

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